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Dogs & Cats


Q. Are residents of Aurora required to license their cats
and/or dogs?
A. Yes. (Licensing of cats is not required.)


In accordance with the statutes of the State of Nebraska, including sections 17-526 and 54-603, any person who shall own a dog within the City shall within thirty (30) days after acquisition of the said dog acquire a license for each such dog annually by or before the first (1st) day of May of each year. The said tax shall be delinquent from and after May thirty-first (31st).  The owner shall state at the time the application is made: his or her name and address and the name, breed, color, and sex of each dog owned and kept by him or her. A certificate that the dog has had a rabies vaccination, effective for the year of the license, shall be presented when the license is applied for, and no license or tag shall be issued until such certificate is shown. Dogs under the age of four (4) months need not have proof of rabies vaccination to be issued a tag provided that upon the dog's four (4) month anniversary the rabies vaccination is completed and the certificate of vaccination is presented
to the designated City official.

Licenses may be obtained from one of our local veterinarian clinics:
Aurora Veterinary Clinic Sullivan Companion Animal Clinic
1704 Q Street
1512 1st Street
The fees for licensing your dog are as follows:
  • $5.00 for neutered or spayed dogs. Must have proof.
  • $8.00 for non-neutered or non-spayed dogs.
(Dog license is good for one year running from April 30th to April 30th
of the following year.)

Rabies Vaccination:  The owner of any dog or cat must obtain
a certificate, or other evidence of rabies vaccination, and a tag
to indicate that a rabies vaccination has been given, imprinted
with the year of vaccination, and shall display the tag on each dog
or cat owned within the corporate limits

Failure to license or vaccinate a dog or cat is subject to a fine
of up to $100.00.

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