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Q. Does the City of Aurora have an Animal Control Officer?
A. Yes. The Animal Control Officer acts under the direction of the Aurora Chief of Police. In the event of reporting dogs or cats at large, found pets, or wild animal complaints such as raccoons, opossums, and skunks, simply call the Aurora Police Dept.
at 402-694-5815. The Animal Control Officer will capture and transport the said dog or cat to the Aurora Humane Society,
if an owner cannot be readily found. In the event of a capture of a wild animal generally they are released back to the wild outside of the city limits. If it is found however that there is a violation, pertaining to a pet being off the property and the Animal Control officer has picked this animal up before, the Animal Control Officer will summon the assistance of the Police Dept. to issue the pet owner a citation for the violation or refer the owner for charges to the City Attorney.

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